In a Book, you profess by Jessica Ni Leacai

Love is a lie, 
Peace isn’t for sale, 
your war ravaged it. 

Who’s to tell, 
a sacred ground given, 
by a God you forget daily. 

For  what prophecy, 
did you command as appointed, 
who made you general? 

Who wrote the laws, 
a man or so i thought it, 
not a God in heaven. 

And you preach loudly, 
a sinner to speak hypocricy, 
no one asked you, none not I. 

 On a podium you stand, 
a robe of woven human garb, 
and no Jesus here, it is apparent. 

If God made you to lie, 
what did he make of sinners, 
but vessels of examples, this is true? 

Lead as you should do, 
that is what was commanded, 
and gains will be made,where you please. 

But yet have I to see, 
a human form to follow these, 
scriptures made all, these by men’s creation. 

Only lies and torture in a name, 
given by a God you misconstrue, 
live by honour instead, this is virtue. 

For your heaven hath boundries, 
your hell hath no exit points, 
and my God has no time, self appointed preachers

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About jessienileacai

Irish speaker and artist. I love music, art, languages,literature, history, travel, photography, and comedy. I love Ireland, my heritage, the old ways and the beauty and people of this small island and its surrounding tiny islands
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