Yarn Burning by Jessica Ni Leacai


Overly entangled emotions, how torturing, time,
tangles them in me, I wish to rip ribbons, to revive,
a rancid, rotten heart, hurt by your wastefulness, words,
so woven wrecklessly in me, you are my ruin, ravager

Doubtful leisured loving, how deceiting, delays,
dallied did you allow, I stitched every pattern, so patient,
a paramour, played fool, forgotten by your nous, neglect,
this necessary nerve of me, you are my deserter, traitor

Halving periculous particles, how subverting,senses,
stringing stimuli between us, notes I carved hastefully, to have,
a half, harmonious mate, misused for your pleasures, pacifist,
am I periliously put down, you are my objector, deviator

Refutely adamant arguments, how insisting, instinct,
imploding ire in us, calmness can we not adhere,such armour,
an angst, applied fort, frequented by our fears, feelings,
all fermented foolishly by us, we are our enemies, subjectors

Anxiously snared suitor, how condescending, child,
coercing conception for you, errs made on your behalf, to boast,
a baring, baby due, demeaning to me posed, pretentions,
so proudly protracted by you, she is our divider, partitioner

Needless conveyed contact, how unavailing, usurper,
using up all of me, no more left to wear away, so dead,
a detriment, doomed star, stranded by your callosity, charred,
this cremation chosen by you, we are now dust, cinerator

This poem can be read on poetry.com- http://poetry.com/poems/166330


About jessienileacai

Irish speaker and artist. I love music, art, languages,literature, history, travel, photography, and comedy. I love Ireland, my heritage, the old ways and the beauty and people of this small island and its surrounding tiny islands
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2 Responses to Yarn Burning by Jessica Ni Leacai

  1. Wow, I hope you’re free from that relationship!

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