In fire, I was forged

I thought of friendship, more amicably asserted,
reasoning, respectful of differentiates, desired as
colourful characteristics, partners in a play of life’s
leisurable days, dalliants of dandelions decorating despair

Companions closely welded in wonder of escaping
encounters, as clocks’ caustic hands hourly closing, we
wasted days deliriously, nights of nymph like creeping,
we ploughed the streets of synchratic stones, tripping, trudgingly homewards

But oh how, now, never more the fearless, formidable duo,
Whispers weakening, ears opened to anachronistic audibles, and you,
cowardly carrying, such burden never bestowed by me, yet should, I,
accepting, always, what pleasures pleased your languished lulls.

Reflection raked over me, tracing tremors of my quakes, I erupting,
anger shaking, spilling over, you there, with all these intricate, inquistives,
I lost love more limitless than sands sifted through sharp shards, what
strength saves a soul soldered in immense affliction, only arrows can answer

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About jessienileacai

Irish speaker and artist. I love music, art, languages,literature, history, travel, photography, and comedy. I love Ireland, my heritage, the old ways and the beauty and people of this small island and its surrounding tiny islands
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