Mildred, In Memoriam- by Jessica Ni Leacai

Mildred, In Memoriam- by Jessica Ni Leacai

Mildred, loving grandmother, lonely am I, left,
sans your joyful laughter, lingering, no longer a confidant,
so courageous, you battled beasts not worthy of your presence,
and I died deaths, heart ceasing so suddenly as yours, no want for life remaining

Loving unconditionally, more maternal than our mother, your
debasive daughter, you assuring me always, of my redemption from parental
parallels, more the wiser, was I, you molded me, so much in likeness,
love filled, life left me for years, languishing for your company, my friend

Stories, saved in memories, not vanished, vivid as if you called,
yesterday, reaching for the phone, painfully pressed of your absence,
who would assure me, all is okay, how humourous hours spent, accounts of ardour, active life at an age so sustained in youth yet elderly endured

Funeral day denied, I wept, wailed for you, annually, anxiously, these
robbers reaped, ravaged relentlessly, stole you and seized my blackened,
beaten down heart, I reeled in repetitive rants, they plundered perfunctorily, photos, pieces, placed away from any requests received

Days drift back, I revert, in want of ways, to form fantasy into
reality, to wish woefully you existant, ever, echoing, assounding hope,
never leaving me to throws of thoughtless demons, a demise so desperately now, I, tearful of their torture in your treatment, guilt cloaks me

Why hadn’t I duefully delivered you, free from harmful hands, none so
negligent as myself, misery may take me, I dare dream it should, for I,
left, lamenting, suffer sporadical, grieving, gloom engulfing me, yet your strength shoulders me, sometimes, evident of essences eminent and watchfully wandering

In memoriam, I dedicate, dutifully, grandmother, great friend,
gorgeous, galiant soul, lovable, laughterous lady, you lit hallways of
my manic madness, courageously kept monsters at bay, and always,
adamantly armoured me with a world of wisdom, I love you eternally, ever and a day

This poem can be read on

RIP My beautiful, loving granny Mildred. I miss you so much xx


About jessienileacai

Irish speaker and artist. I love music, art, languages,literature, history, travel, photography, and comedy. I love Ireland, my heritage, the old ways and the beauty and people of this small island and its surrounding tiny islands
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