Intending Amorous Deception

Where forth do stumbling strangers masquerade,
shadows sharply carved on brick alleyways, haggering
laggardly,dragging dire and immoral coats upon their shoulders,
expected validity of  intentious, amorous dispatches

En massed catastrophies of imperfected pulses, pensively
protracted upon flesh or perhaps punctured veins interjecting,
recepted,remitting accolades from tarnished temptations, entranced
as dormant deviances deform thy paramour’s partition .

Absorbed and miracously cloaked, coveted creatures coerce,
clasping carpuses as conceding an expression should forment,
cementing prefixes, permenancy and pose so distastrously
held in a framework of emphemeral pleasure, sustained spoilage

Fallacies culminating, solar beauty blasting boyant
beams across intruding, copulated duets, strewn singularly,
seducted so vicarously, optical illuminations gathered dreadfully,
recollected introverals as victims of night’s calling commenced

This poem and my other poetry can be read on –


About jessienileacai

Irish speaker and artist. I love music, art, languages,literature, history, travel, photography, and comedy. I love Ireland, my heritage, the old ways and the beauty and people of this small island and its surrounding tiny islands
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