Artistes and Degression

I keep reading over and over how some people are so ‘supportive of other artists/ the arts’ but yet they limit themselves to a small group of people. I do not see how this is called progression or is it in any way constructive. They are nothing more than a clique, like school yard bullies that constantly say to the kids they think are ‘not cool’ that they will never be apart of their group. I would like to break the barriers, as I believe there is room for everyone and equality is a strong point with me. I do not think anyone,whether privileged or not should think they can do as they please and be allowed to control any aspect of society by force or limitation. Limitation in the sense of keeping other parts of society down; the have and have nots because of class distinction or knowing the right people. Some people will have the upper hand because of their status or situation but why should they abuse such and stand in the way of others’ progression?


About jessienileacai

Irish speaker and artist. I love music, art, languages,literature, history, travel, photography, and comedy. I love Ireland, my heritage, the old ways and the beauty and people of this small island and its surrounding tiny islands
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